proof tuna

Prooooooooof!! I love this place! One of the first times I went was for dinner, where I had the best chilled asparagus soup of my life! Everything here is so well thought out and presented that you can’t help but enjoy every last bite. Of course, their $12 lunch + wine special only sweetens the deal, and I’ve been back there quite often to take a long and delicious break from the work day.

Their “lunch crush” menu changes up a little, but their usual staples include the duck confit, shrimp burger and steak salad. There’s usually a sandwich (panini of some kind) and a pasta dish as well. My favorite pasta dish with homemade sausage hasn’t been on the menu for a while, which is a shame. Each of these comes with either the house white or red. Mm…

Here’s the excellent ahi tuna tartare that my friends ordered, and it comes with crispy (flash fried?) seaweed and avocado. The sesame inspired sauce is described as a “wasabi soy emulsion.” Definitely one of the best tuna tartars ever!

This week I ordered off-menu (outside the lunch special) and got the lamb burger:

proof lamb burger

The burger is served with coriander raita and crispy onions. And wow, what a lamb! Very juicy and delicious. There’s a side of chickpea fries – described as “interesting” by my friends who tasted it. It comes with a harissa aioli, but the chickpeas have their own almost curry-like flavor that’s best appreciated unaccompanied. =)

proof cheese cake

And mmmmm….this cheesecake is so creamy! It’s a no-bake (I think) cheesecake, topped with passion fruit sauce and graham crumbs. Delicious~

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