domku orange revolution

So for a change in pace, a friend and I decided to try a cozy little place in D.C.’s Petsworth neighborhood, Domku. It’s a Slavic / Scandinavian restaurant that’s part cafe, part bar. I think their menu varies on the weekends, which are known for their brunches and Danish pancake balls. I would’ve loved to try those fluffy looking pancake balls, but my trip to Domku was for dinner on a Friday. (;___;)

Still, the menu was quite interesting and new (for me, anyway) so for relatively cheap, I could be a bit adventurous.

Here’s the cocktail my friend ordered called the Orange Revolution – made from orange aquavit, cardamom aquavit, and a “splash” of orange juice. I’ve never had aquavit before, but I understand it’s a kind of flavored spirit that they use in Scandinavia. This drink – which you’d think would taste sweet or tart – was actually pretty strong in the cardamom. Very zesty! I’m not sure I’d order it again, but it was definitely worth a try.

As for the food:

domku beet soup

We got a beet soup, and it looked just like it did in the Washingtonian…pretty in pink, with exactly three thin slices of hardboiled egg staring up like big buggy eyes, lol. Their soup is made from buttermilk, so you can taste that tartness in it. The flavor of the liquid by itself is rather subtle, but when you take a spoonful of the cubes of fresh beets, you get a real mouthful of beet fun! Definitely a great soup for beet lovers. …which I am not, but I liked it fairly enough, since I’m not a beet hater.

domku eggplant caviar

The other appetizer we got was the “eggplant caviar,” a cold arrangement of eggplant with garlic, cilantro and chopped tomato. The menu says it comes with pomegranate seeds when in season. I actually don’t recall any cilantro flavor, which is a shame, as I’m a cilantro fan! The dish comes accompanied by thin crackers, which both of us agreed were a bit too dry. The eggplant itself was tasty though, and with something like pita or naan, would’ve been perfect.

domku onion tart

Red onion and cheese piiiiieeee! Yum yum! Definitely the best dish of the night. The soft crust pastry was flaky and delicious, as was the filling of red onion, garlic, gruyere and cheddar with a hint of thyme. It tasted lovely even after it cooled down.

We also ordered a stuffed “nalesniki,” which is a kind of crepe with kasza – a grainy filling that was a bit tasteless. It was covered in a creamy sauce and stuffed with mushrooms and cheese along with the kasza, but overall the dish was extremely bland with little contrast in flavor.

But…in all, I think it was a meal well done, with 3 out of 4 good eats! \(^O^)/ Would definitely go back, on a weekend, this time. The decor is really cute inside, and I think if it were closer to my usual haunts, I’d pop in more often for a quick bite or a coffee.

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