21 Jul 2009, 5:58am


Unagi Don

unagi don

It is midsummer, which can only mean one thing: Eel Eating Day!! \(^O^)/ Also known as “doyo no ushi hi,” it’s a day set aside for the consumption of eel. Apparently eel gives you the energy to withstand the heat of summer. To me though, it’s just GOOD EATS.

Eel is surprisingly easy to prepare, because…you barely have to prepare anything at all! Just pick up an eel at your Asian market (freezer section), as it comes pre-marinated and pre-cooked. Throw the thing in the microwave to warm up. Slice and serve, done!

Or you can make a donburi by throwing it over rice and tossing in a few other ingredients, such as: tare (sauce), kaiware daikon (Japanese radish sprouts), a dash of sansho pepper.

Side of chu-toro sashimi optional, but most desirable. XD

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