15 Jul 2009, 11:06pm
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Mizu Yokan

mizu package

Yokan is a very traditional Japanese confection made from red bean paste and agar. You usually buy it by the block: narrow, rectangular bricks o’ sweet. They’re heavy like bricks, too! Here’s an interesting tidbit from Wiki:

Due to its relative heaviness and unfamiliarity with this dessert, it has been mistaken as C-4 or similar plastic explosives during baggage checks.

Haha! XD

A little lighter than your usual C4esque yokan is the “mizu” yokan (literally, water yokan), which is best served chilled. It’s not watery like Jello, but it’s definitely not as dense as standard yokan.

Here’s a box of the stuff that arrived from Japan a few days ago, complete with four flavors: ogura (sweet bean paste), matcha (green tea), brown sugar (actually called black sugar in Japanese), and wasanbon sugar (a Japanese-made sugar that’s less sweet than refined sugar). These are made by Toraya, a very famous and excellent yokan maker.

I’ve tasted 3 out of the four – all but the brown sugar. They’re all quite subtle in flavor, and have a nice smooth texture. My favorite is the green tea:

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