5 Jul 2009, 9:36pm
dessert lunch:


Summer BBQ

bbq turkey burger

Yaaay~ barbecue! Had a fabulous time at my friends’ BBQ partay this afternoon! o(^___^)o The highlight – aside from the charming company, of course – was definitely this turkey burger. It was juicy, flavorful and utterly flawless. I jotted down the ingredients in it for future reference: panko, egg, onion, tomato, beer, Worcestershire sauce and cayenne. Yum!

I was informed that there was already going to be pasta salad, so I had to rethink my plan this morning on what to bring. I used my handy new Whole Foods iPhone app to look up a recipe for corn salad. I found a pretty simple one with tomatoes, green bell pepper and red onion, mixed in with a dressing made from extra virgin olive oil, lemon and lime juice and cilantro. Easy, colorful, and tasty!

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5 Jul 2009, 10:12am
japanese snacks:

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Lumond Cookie


OMG Bourbon. (*____*) They make some kick-ass sweets, and their “Lumond” cookie is my all time favorite. As their description in the back of the package states, this tube-shaped wonder cookie is made from layer upon layer of thin crepes, rolled up and “gently” coated in a lightly sweetened cocoa cream. It’s got a very subtle, melt-in-your-mouth flavor with just the right amount of crispy texture. Heaven!

They suggest chilling in the fridge for an hour or two before eating, but I think it’s just as good at room temperature. ♥

lumond cookie

Peppermint Penny Cupcake

hello mint

Every so often I get a cupcake craving and I just have to have one. Does that ever happen to you? They’re like miniature cakes, delightful spongy goodness topped with decadent swirls of frosted fun. They’re cute and whimsy…what’s not to love?

Anyway, I got such a craving last Friday, so I headed over to Dupont Circle on my lunch break to Hello Cupcake, one of the fine cupcakeries in town. Specifically, I was on a mission to try their “Strawberry Fields,” their seasonal selection of strawberry cake with strawberry frosting. Unfortunately, I was told that they had actually “discontinued” that flavor. I wonder why the flavor is posted on their website if it’s no longer available? =/

I ended up getting two “Prima Donnas” (chocolate cake with strawberry buttercream) and a “Peppermint Penny” (chocolate cake with mint frosting). The Prima Donna is one of my favorites from Hello. The frosting tastes almost like strawberry candy, with a slight tartness mixed in with the sweet. Peppermint Penny is definitely minty, and the chocolate chip sprinkles on top are a nice touch.

They’re very generous with the frosting here…maybe too generous. The frosting’s really sweet, so a huge mountain of the stuff tends to overpower the cupcake. I think if the frosting were less sweet, I wouldn’t mind the portion as much.

By the way, my cupcakes got knocked around a little bit on the metro ride home, which is why there’s strawberry frosting crusted on to my mint cupcake! And I had to photograph it from the side with fewer chocolate chips, because the other side got flattened in the box. Oops!! XD;;;

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