24 Jun 2009, 8:58pm


Washingtonian's Cheap Eats


Today I’ve been flipping through my copy of the most recent Washingtonian magazine, which features their top 100 Cheap Eats in the Washington metropolitan area. I’ve already highlighted probably over a dozen places I’d like to hit sometime in the future. =9

The parameters for the selected restaurants were two fold – good food (obviously) and under $50 to feed two, including tax and tip. Of course, many of these places had to be located outside D.C., since the restaurant sales tax in the city is exorbitant.

Their selection is quite varied, which is pleasing. And scattered all over the place – some all the way in Annapolis. (Though I question whether that belongs in “Washingtonian” magazine…)

Some places I’m not really sure I’d rate in the top 100 (e.g. BGR in Bethesda, which wasn’t particularly impressive). I also find it a little funny that Breadline is in here when they’ve recently been shut down for sanitation issues… (Granted, Breadline served up some awesome pastries!)

Some of the places I’d like to try:

Bobby’s Crabcakes (Rockville) – Because I’d like to find a place that actually serves decent crabcake.

Bombay Indian Restaurant (Silver Spring) – I know the White Oak strip mall where this restaurant is located, and it’s a sad sort of place. Still, I’m always looking for a great Indian restaurant, and I firmly believe this is cuisine you can get in stellar quality for not a lot of money.

Da Marco (Silver Spring) – House-made pasta sounds delish.

Domku (NW D.C.) – Okay, I don’t know much about Scandinavian food, but I’m intrigued. The huge pic of sugar dusted pancake balls helped.

Four Sisters (Falls Church) – Kind of out of my usual area, but it got the highest rating of 4 by Washingtonian, and the menu sounds unique and tasty.

Honey Pig (Annandale) – Another far one for me, but since Korean BBQ was suggested back on Satsuma night, I say what the hey.

Kotobuki (NW D.C.) – Never liked oshizushi much (which is what Washingtonian recommends), but all I had to read was “$2.50 for a piece of toro” to be sold.

Michael’s Noodles (Rockville) – Dim sum, everyday!

Nava Thai Noodle & Grill (Wheaton) – The green papaya salad pictured above is from here. That looks so good!!

What say you, my local peeps??

I say you include links to all the restaurants you’re interested in so we don’t need to Google them all! C’mon, Yamada! I thought you were “web savvy.”

Oops…sorry about the lost comment! :(

Wow, it’s been a while since we got together! We should definitely do dinner again. Next week sounds great! I’m actually going to Domku tomorrow, so maybe Da Marco would be better? o(^__^)o

Oh bother — I tried to leave a comment earlier but it looks like it got eaten. :( Anyhoo, yes, we need to do dinner again. Are you free any evening next week? I’d be up to Domku (the blackcurrant panna cotta just caught my eye) or Da Marco, but any of the above will work too!

Okay. Why don’t we shoot for Wednesday or Thursday? I’ll email you early next week to confirm.


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