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nando peri peri

So a while back, some friends and I popped over to Nando’s Peri Peri in Chinatown. Billed as “home of the legendary, Portuguese, flame-grilled, Peri Peri chicken,” it came highly recommended! The place was indeed quite packed as you would expect of a popular lunchtime hangout.

The ordering system is a bit odd – you’re given a table number, then you order and pay for your food upfront. The food is brought to your table, though sauces and drinks are self-serve. If you want to add to your order later, you give your order to the waiter. I was so confused as to whether we had to leave tip, and how much to leave.

The menu is a little easier to understand though – you can get a main dish on its own, or combo it with a few sides. I got the chicken breast wrap at medium heat, “served with greenleaf lettuce, peppery sweet chili jam and tangy yogurt sauce.” It was as good as it sounds, with the chili jam being the highlight. The only drawback was – not enough chicken! I had a lot of wrap and lettuce and not enough meat by the last few bites. I got butternut squash and grilled corn for my side (which counted as two sides), and it was unfortunately not as good as I had hoped. It could be that I always think butternut squash would taste good, but have never been a raving fan of it.

I took some “Naughty Nata’s” (custard tarts) to go for dessert. Flakey, tasty goodness!

I would definitely go back again, but will try out their other side dish items next time.

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