26 Jun 2009, 9:57pm
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Fire & Sage


Yesterday I met up with a friend at Fire & Sage, the new restaurant in downtown D.C.’s Marriott hotel. According to the maĆ®tre d’, they’ve only been open for 2 months. They serve what they describe as “casual American” cuisine with “studied simplicity.”

My first impression was quite good. The place has a woodsy, warm toned decor but with a little modern flair. I was seated near the prominent glass wine closet, a feature I see incorporated more and more in restaurant design.

They offer an “all day” menu, which is interesting. We ordered a starter of sliders to share, along with two sides – homemade mac & cheese and grilled asparagus.

There are 4 sliders per order, which was more than enough for the two of us to split. They come with American cheese, pickles, and a creamy sauce on the side, as well as a small serving of coleslaw. The sliders were ordered medium rare, but I still found them to be slightly on the dry side. This didn’t surprise me, since the patties are obviously smaller in sliders. Nevertheless, the taste was pretty good, and I enjoyed the tart and crisp pickle that contrasted well with the meat. As you can see, the bun was nice and toasty. XD

mac n cheese

When the mac & cheese hit the table, it was literally still bubbling as though it was just taken out of the oven. Mm! The first few bites were meltingly good!

mac n cheese close up

But as I dug deeper into the bowl o’ mac & cheese, I could see it was almost drowning in a pool of oil. It was a really good mac & cheese but just be warned that it’s ultra rich and probably not for everybody.


And here’s the grilled asparagus.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take a picture of my dessert – their signature “hot bag o’ doughnuts” – deep fried doughnut holes with powdered sugar. I took them to go, and shared them with my co-workers. My colleagues promptly devoured them, which was probably a good thing for me, since I would have ended up eating them all otherwise! I did try a few of them though, one with honey butter and the other with strawberry compote. The honey butter was the superior of the two (the compote being too tart).

In all, I would agree that there was much simplicity in the menu offerings, and the dishes had a homey feel to them – right down to the indulgent richness. It’s not a place I could eat at everyday, that’s for sure!

Sounds like they’ve got some decent happy hour deals, which is pretty good for this particular area.

Ohhhh….the donuts sound awesome. Indie didn’t tell me about those!


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