Coconut Pocky

coconut pocky

I was channel surfing today and came across a real blast from the past – the fabulously B-rated martial arts flick Bloodsport. Even my dad remembers this awesome piece of cinematic mastery from back in the day. (“Oh, this is the part where he’s fighting blind, right?”) My favorite line is of course, Bolo’s classic “You break my record…now I break you. Like I break your friend!” Ah, nostalgia…

Anyway, this has absolutely nothing to do with food. Except to say that my eats related post tonight is equally nostalgic as only a classic can be. I love Pocky. Seriously…who doesn’t? And I’ve never had a Pocky flavor I didn’t like, though some are more favored than others (green tea mousse being one).

The cool thing about Pocky is that they’re always coming up with new flavors. So of course, when I spotted this “limited edition” coconut Pocky the other week, I snapped it up.

coconut pocky 2

The box contains two bags of Pocky with 7 pieces each.

coconut pocky 3

Here’s a close-up. The toasted coconut is really crusted on there for a very flavorful finish. I don’t even liked toasted coconut that much, but this was exceptionally good. =9

(By the way, if you haven’t seen Jean Claude in his newish film JCVD, I highly recommend it!)

I love coconut pocky! After the blueberry pocky, it’s my favorite. (Yeah, I don’t know. I’m a sucker for blueberry stuff.)


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