Banpeiyu Jelly


Isn’t this cute? I love the way some Japanese sweets are packaged. This is a “jelly” made from a citrus fruit called banpeiyu, so they package it make it look like the fruit…complete with little decorative leaf. (^O^)v

A banpeiyu (citrus grandis – AKA pomelo) is a fruit I’d never tried before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. The description on the outside said it was native to Asia. I thought perhaps it would taste a bit like yuzu, a Japanese citrus that’s often used in seasoning such as ponzu sauce. The instructions said it would taste better cold, so I stuck it in the fridge before trying…


It’s called a jelly, but it’s really more similar to jello in consistency. The flavor was like white grapefruit, very subtle and light. And huzzah! It came with a generous chunk of real fruit, which was a mouthful of juicy delight. XD

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